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Finding Signal In The Noise

Trained at the Berklee School of Music and at the University of Colorado at Denver.


We have worked on thousands of audio files in the film, music, and legal industries since 2005.

"Justice deserved must not be silenced by costs."

Decades of Legal Experience

AEF is unique having worked in law enforcement, the litigation industry, and legal consulting for decades. AEF understands the legal process. Affidavits and reports are well written and thorough. While we DO NO ADVOCATE for the dissolution of the court reporting industry, lawyers have costs challenges. How often do we hear, "We can only do one or two depositions at the most". Court reporting fees can be prohibitive for cases with mulitple witnesses for a solo attorney on a budget. Court reporting firms are suffering from a declining and aging pool of workers causing an increase in fees and digital reporters, while not always popular, are a reality and are increasing in numbers. Bottom line is that parties should be able to take all of the depositions they need. Audio and video can help solve this problem. With affordable services, you are free to take more and longer depositions during the discovery process. Choose later what transcripts, if any, you will need for trial.  Put your witnesses on camera before trial or deposition for prep. Some of our legal services include:

Audio and videotaping depositions in person or via Zoom

  Post Production and Media


Witness Interviews & Trial Prep

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Sound Mixing

Noise Reduction, Signal Processing, Speaker Authentication

The word "enhancement" does not qualify as an edit. The enhancement process will benefit your case because with loud and present dialog, you are able to more fully experience the INTENT of the speaker. Dialog enhancement allows you to clearly hear the emotion in a voice because it is a process that will unmask the dialog from distracting environmental noise.  If you understand the importance of impact on a jury, allow us to bring out the signal in the noise so your jury feels the intent of the speaker.

Signal processing is a chain of events that can be seen in the audio data, and is a process reproducible by the other side for expert discovery prove up.  The data says what the data says.   What is important also is the chain of custody between the time of the recording to the authentication of the audio from the source and any processing done.  We can help you keep integrity in the processes so the evidence is preserved.

With decades of ear training, audio production experience, and a publication on singing technique, AEF's unique skill set brings qualified, critical listening experience that is necessary to determine inconsistencies or a match between two speakers. Speaker verification regards jaw mechanics and phonetics. This is done through critical listening, and then corroborated through industry standard software tools that measure sound waves. Click on the tab above to access that page our speaker verification page.

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Consultations & Fees

Unless you are a trained audio engineer, chances are you are in the dark about how to get a clean recording in the field.  While our smart phones are mostly dummy proof, more professional equipment such as police body cams, field recording gear and cameras require crucial knowledge about formats, transfer to a computer and beyond in order to preserve the integrity of the original audio.  We can assist you with knowledge and information on how to record and what is doable with recorded audio once you have it.  We are generous with our time to listen to your project and discuss with you what can be done in terms of repair and enhancement. Our fees are on a project basis and include the following:

Audio repair, noise reduction and dialog enhancement

Cell phone authentication data processes

Speaker Verification

Field recording for witness interviews and depositions

Report writing



Texas, USA

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