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With decades of law enforcement, legal, corporate security, and audio production experience, AEF is uniquely skilled to cover all of the important aspects of both audio work and report writing to deliver a solid product for your case. We provide the best in audio engineering and state of the art equipment for analysis and enhancement of audio. Our ears are developed and skilled in analysis of sound and noise in indoor and outdoor environments to make determinations of what is happening in the recorded audio.  With the technology of cell phones, the ability to capture audio is in everyone's hands. Cell phone audio and police body cam recordings have become customary and relied upon evidence. The chain of custody and the handling of audio is analyzed for evidence of tampering and authentication. Noisy files most often can be improved for clarity. AEF is skilled in speaker verification. Phonetics, jaw mechanics, and more can be compared between speakers to determine similarities and differences. Is it Johnny or isn't it? Audio evidence can help you make these critical determinations. Audio evidence can be crucial to your case.  

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